Words on a Photo Blog

Website started.

Good day to you, I'm Amanda. 

A bit of background: I started a photo a day blog a few years back with my little point and shoot camera, you can still find the old stuff on Tumblr: Ugly Pink Camera. Buyer beware, it's early work, limited equipment and very rough around the edges. Here is a photo I took of myself and my old camera in fancy bathroom. 


When I proved to myself that I actually did enjoy photography and wasn't just going to throw my camera into the sea at the first opportunity, I upgraded the equipment a bit and started an improved daily photo blog on Tumblr, Giant Black Albatross. And here is the new camera and myself in another public toilet. 

As I still found that I didn't seem to be stomping on my gear and burying it under the earth, the upgrades continued. I've done a bit of class learnin' and began to trick people into modeling for me. 

I'm still very partial to Tumblr, and I do intend to keep posting my daily photos there. But, recently, I've gotten it into my head that sorting my photos out of the huge pile I've thrown them in, where they are sitting in the internet equivalent of a shoe box, might be a good idea. I particularly wanted to do this, now that I'm starting to do more planned photo series. And, voila, here we have Giant Black Albatross the website.

I do intend to cross post my daily photos here, going forward and I'm in the middle of the rather daunting task of copying the old daily photos here as well, so that this website is girth-y with content. 

I also want people to be able to get a taste for what I do without having to slog through years of photos. You'll be able to browse my photo series, the work I've done for other people and events and finally, I'm also splitting out what I consider to be the cream of the daily photos in the favourite photos section. 

 My comments are open, I have a contact link and you can also reach me at giantblackalbatross at gmail dot com.