Archives, New Models and the Sarcastic Voyage Live Show

Plenty of updates over the few months. All the archives from my photo-a-day blog ( have been duly uploaded, captioned and tagged. A big job, but nice to have everything in one place. You can find the archives under Daily Photo

Had a few excellent weekends with very game models and was able to scratch a few ideas off the list that I've had for some time. I slapped some elf ears to the side of Kimby's head and was finally able to get out to that Elvin Grotto and get some proper sword and sorcery pictures done. AAlgar and I were able to begin what will probably be a series of various drowned people, another idea that's been stuck in my mental craw. I've uploaded these into the series section of the site (Then Elf, Now Elf, Her Own Fairy Godmother and the Drowned Man). 

Finally, the Sarcastic Voyage Podcast celebrated it's 5 year anniversary with a live performance at the Pocket Theater. You can see these at the top of the Events section. 

Behind the scenes while making elves: 

IMG_3518 Edit.JPG

Behind the scenes while making comedy: