Information (you won't get it)

Just in case you were wondering, all of these photos (unless otherwise noted) were taken by me, Amanda Smith. I own the lot of them. 

Photography is a labour of love, but it still requires some labour.  If you'd like to make use of my pictures, please contact me and I'm sure we can work something out. 

Please do not use them without permission and if you do use them, please credit me. 

Re-blogging my photos on Tumblr is fabulous and I love when you do it, but please don't take out my link!




While I do try to credit every model I photo, I will admit I sometimes don't get every person's name while I'm taking photos, particularly at Conventions and over large events. 

I do tag in order to help people find my photos. If I have one of you, I'd be thrilled to add credit and send you a high resolution copy. Or, if you see a photo and hate it, I will absolutely take it down. 




II'm extremely fortunate in my friends. As well as being generally wonderful, they're also talented and handsome. 

I regularly work with a handful of people and you should go an salivate over their work. 

Irene: My sister in photography, who can be found at Through Monstrous Eyes

Nathaniel: Artist, animator, model, puppet maker and crafty-boots. Real Human Artist

AAlgar: Comedian, podcaster and sucker (someone who agreed to marry me).

T-Dro: (who the hell is Terry?) the original crafter. Creator of horns, crowns, soap, hats, jewelry, veils and endless, endless things. Bunny Bubbles

The Pocket: A wonderful vagabond theater run by Clayton Weller. The Pocket Theater. 



Glorious Me

I'm Amanda, this is my website. I'm fabulous and vain. 

You can watch my photo a day blog here, but  it is also available on Tumblr: Giant Black Albatross.

What else do I do? 

I'm a semi-regular contributor to the Sarcastic Voyage Podcast.

A season-ly guest on the Post Atomic Horror, a Star Trek review podcast.

I also write the extremely occasional sketch for the New Flavor group with the Pocket Theater.